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How to contact us on the Good Ship Sola Gratia.

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us about anything. We will always answer and try to help where we can.

If you would like to know more about living and cruising on a narrowboat, we are more than happy to share our experiences. What it is like to live a nomadic life, the pros and cons compared to having a marina base or living in a marina. We will even answer that all important question – “Is it cold in Winter?”! There is something like 2,500 miles of connected waterways that we can cruise. So far, we have only scratched the surface. But we aim to cover it all eventually, and we can tell you what we know of the canals and rivers that we have already cruised.

We have a home base in Oldbury, in the Black Country. It is a fairly central location that is easy to get to from many parts of the BCN (Birmingham Canal Navigations). This is where we have joined a church, a medical centre and a dentist. If you are a Continuous Cruiser and having trouble signing up for medical services, please get in contact and we will do what we can to help. Although it is a legal requirement for you to have access to these services, sometimes it can be more difficult than it should be.

If you would like us to come and talk to your church about our ministry, then please do get in touch. We can talk to small groups and/or meetings or take over your sermon slot. Tracey is also an inspirational speaker and can bring her “Blind Boater” presentation. This takes the form of an evening’s talk. She tells her heart-warming story of losing most of her sight and how her life was turned around by the miraculous pairing with her Guide Dog, Oakley. Without him, our life on the canals would never have happened. Sadly, Oakley has now retired, and Tracey is “between dogs”. But, thanks to the confidence he has given her, with some adjustments we can carry on our lifestyle. We do, of course, pray that it won’t be too long before we have a new Guide Dog on the crew.

The “Blind Boater” presentation is an excellent outreach opportunity for your church. It is easy going, friendly and informal. Something that church members can bring their non-Christian friends to. We like to have a break in the middle for refreshments, along with an option for attendees to try their hand at some blindfolded challenges! The presentation ends with an opportunity for people to give their lives to the Lord. We are also available to chat afterwards. This also works well when you involve other churches as well.

If you would like to know more, then please email us or use our contact form:

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The Good Ship Sola Gratia moored up near Hackney

The Good Ship on a busy London mooring.